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It all began with a dumpster, a problem, and a woman with a plan.  Our owner and CEO, Dorothy, observed an overnight installation program falling apart, solely due to a lack of dumpster management.  No one knew when the dumpster would arrive, what it was for, or where it was placed.  Store managers were turning drivers away left and right, trip fees were stacking up, and crews were arriving for night work without a dumpster.  Dorothy stepped in and began coordinating with each store manager, delivery driver, and crew to make sure everyone was on the same page.  Services were requested, executed, and confirmed.  Suddenly, projects were started and finished on-time. Trip fees vanished.  Crews were happy and moving smoothly - Container Management was born.

Dorothy built up her customer list by word of mouth – apparently construction is chock full of problems in desperate need of her proactive support and coordination. She answered each call personally, making notes on index cards as she drove carpool with her kids in the backseat.  Even today, a decade later, most of those customers still call Dorothy on her cell phone for whatever they need.

Eventually, the business had grown so much Dorothy expanded her team and her vision, adding account managers to the mix and every type of equipment you could imagine to the list.  The standard of service and personal attention that began with Dorothy has been instilled in every member of our Container Management team.  We look at you, our customers, as though you are in the office next door and work to be excellent custodians of your time and money.  Your problems are our passion – and it all started with a dumpster, a problem, and a plan.

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Nationwide, single source for dumpsters and containers with toilets and smaller equipment as an added service.

  • Roll Off Dumpsters
  • Storage & Office Containers
  • Curbside Carting
  • Portable Toilets • Scissor Lifts • Forklifts • Pallet Jacks • Temporary Fencing

Your Problems – Our Passion

The construction industry is infamous for missed deadlines, exceeded budgets, and vendor miscommunication.  Before we deliver, our account managers have done their research and gathered all the information necessary for a seamless job, start to finish.  Any possible problems have been eliminated and any special requirements or restrictions are laid out clearly to remove any guesswork.  Our clear communication keeps your project managers in the loop, your sites consistently serviced, and your money where it should be – under budget.  Our transparency is our trademark and we operate as though your office is ours.  We work nationally, so no matter where you are, we are your local source for excellence.

One Call – Every Answer

With one call, you have access to everything onsite at any hour.  Though drivers don’t always run 24 hours, we do!  When that last minute project crops up, we answer. When your crew forgot to call in for service, we answer. When you have pavers coming, and need that storage container picked up on a Saturday, we answer.  We are the only number you need to know – dumpsters, containers, toilets, lifts, and so much more – we answer the call and make your life easier. 


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Some of the happy, problem-free people say....

"Just wanted to take a moment and send a shout out to you and your team! You came through on all of our last min requests for Dumpsters and storage containers! Thank you very much! We are working with our partners on this project to get further ahead for these future needs. "

Director - a last minute, multi-store program that included storage containers with next day requests for delivery - conquered!

"Everything went extremely well last year, and hope to be able to do work with you again."

Director of Operations - our invitation to coordinate the dumpsters and portable toilets for the Austin Symphony's 4th of July event - get ready, here we come again!

"You are FABULOUS!!!!!"

Project Administrator - the response when the crew was desperate for a Saturday service and one of our Account Managers talked the hauler into coming in as a special favor - Our relationships hard at work for you!

Hey all

Just wanted you to be aware I brag about your customer service on a regular basis.  We’re constantly impressed with your professionalism, response time and friendly attitude.  Goes a long way and we pass along your company information anytime we can.

Director of Operations - an overnight job that dropped in our lap day of, needing lifts for that night - delivered!

" Thanks Heather! I am still learning so thanks for being understanding!"

Project Manager - new to using us and a little confused on exactly what was needed, but we walked him through it and got him taken care of with a smile - we are your partner from step one!

"I just wanted to reach out and say hello, and also wanted to let you know what a great job your team has been doing for us! It is always a pleasure working with you guys. Thank you for your service."

Senior Account Manager -a 200+ store program involving 1 night installs that required specific dumpster delivery and removal times - no wiggle room and yet? Success!

"Thanks for the quick turnaround Carter – we appreciate the response time tremendously!!" 

Vice President of Operations - this crew needed a 20ft storage container delivered within hours for a surprise shipment - delivered!

"Thank you for taking the time to review, and assisting us in resolving this matter. It is greatly appreciated."

Project Coordinator - there was a question of  rates with one location, we researched it further and adjusted to do right by our customer - transparency hard at work!

"Nope we are good let’s keep it going !"

Senior Project Manager - the reply when checking on our customer's satisfaction with our management of their 99 store program with tight delivery / removal dates - clear communication gives our customer a chance for feedback - especially our favorite kind, positive!

"You all have great customer service.  Best I have ever dealt with.  Pass it along :)  I have another company trying to get my business (NO WAY)"

Project Coordinator

“We appreciate all you do for us, truly! Before I found Dorothy, and we had to manage all those dumpsters all over the country.  In my eyes, you guys can do nothing wrong! (: ”

Office Manager

“Wonderful! You're the greatest!!! I'm glad you are up to speed on the processes, as with me being new...I am still learning so I cannot thank you and your crew enough for being consistent, helpful, and friendly! It makes learning easier!! ”

Administrative Assistant


 "I know you hear this all the time, but I have to say it anyway: y'all are the best.  You make us look good and I won't be shy telling everybody.  Thanks!"

Installation Project Manager

"Thanks, you guys are the best!"

Project Manager Assistant

"I can't thank you guys enough for being SO SO accommodating with this mess! Thank you,"

Administrative Assistant

"Wonderful!  Thank you for your emails!  I look forward to working with you!  Enjoy the day!"

Administrative Assistant

"Thank you for your excellence customer service."

Office Administrative Assistant

"Absolutely outstanding service."

Site Superintendent

"You keep offering service like this you’re going to corner the market."

Project Manager

"Y'all are amazing!! This store is a chore and y'all are the first thing to go smooth lol! Thank you so much!"

Project Coordinator



Employment At Container Management

Great Customer Service Is Not An Accident

Are you obsessed with customer service and pulling rabbits out of a hat? Want to work for one of Austin Business Journal's, Best Places to Work? We are continually looking for intelligent, hard-working teammates.  Join us and become a part of our eclectic band of achievers. 

You can submit your resume to info@cmi-usa.com.  

For bonus points, open with a joke.  Resumes are boring.  Help our team fight the afternoon sleepies!